Socially safe sports climate

Le Champion works towards a socially safe sports climate

Le Champion wants to be an organisation where everyone can sport and work safely and enjoyably. For members, participants, volunteers and employees, Le Champion wants to be an organisation where everyone feels safe (to develop) within sports and at work. Inappropriate behaviour therefore has no place within our organisation. We strive for an open culture where we dare to speak to each other. If inappropriate behaviour still occurs, we want to ensure that everyone knows how to act.

Inappropriate behaviour includes exclusion, bullying, discrimination, aggression, violence, sexual harassment and doping. Some of these can also take place online.
At Le Champion, we use (online) rules of conduct to create the safest possible working and sports environment. We have made a subdivision for the main three groups involved: the athlete, the manager and/or employee and the volunteer.

The objectives

Within our organisation, we ensure safety through the following objectives: 

  • We want all members, participants, volunteers and employees to be aware of our policy on inappropriate behaviour.
  • All involved know how to act in case of inappropriate behaviour. 
  • By the end of the year, we want the (online) rules of conduct to have been brought to the attention of all members, volunteers, participants and employees. 
Our confidential contact person

The confidential contact person is the first contact for members, participants, volunteers and employees (or parents/guardians thereof), who are dealing with questions, suspicions, reports or complaints about inappropriate behaviour.

The following confidential contact person within Le Champion is:

You can contact Loes if you think you have been or are at risk of being the victim of inappropriate behaviour. You can also contact her if you are accused of or witness inappropriate behaviour.

The confidential contact person provides general information, tells you what steps you can take, helps to find solutions (but does not solve the problem itself) or refers you on if necessary.

The confidential contact person deals with your story confidentially, but they are not bound to secrecy. Indeed, they have a duty to report serious matters, as described in criminal law. Other people, such as the board, may need to be involved in a question or problem, but this never happens without your consent and knowledge.

For the record, the role of a confidential contact person is different from that of a confidant. A confidential contact person only assesses the situation and may or may not refer the victim and/or the accused to a trained counsellor. Consider one of the confidential contact persons of the Centre for Safe Sport.

You can make a report to Le Champion's confidential contact person. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, you can also contact them externally.
External confidential (contact) persons

Sports federations
Le Champion is affiliated with several sports associations. For cycling the KNWU and NTFU, for running the Atletiekunie and for walking the KWBN. Here you can also find a confidential contact person.

Centrum Veilige Sport
Centrum Veilige Sport has professional case managers available. The centre has a pool of confidential contact persons who can guide you through incidents, both victims and accused, and can give advice on how to deal with a case or refer you to a support organisation. E-mail or call 0900 - 202 55 90 (Monday to Friday 08.30-18.00).

Anonymous via SpeakUp
Would you like to report sexually inappropriate behaviour? You can also do so anonymously via SpeakUp. You can choose between reporting online or by phone. Please note: if you call, you will not get a staff member on the phone. The message you leave will be passed on to the department responsible.

Chatting with Fier
Fier is for anyone who has had experiences of inappropriate behaviour. Has something happened against your will? Or are you worried about someone close to you? Through Fier, you can (anonymously) share your story with or ask a question to a professional counsellor.

Have you experienced something intense? Someone from Slachtofferhulp or Centrum Seksueel Geweld can guide you and, if you need it, get psychological and medical help.

A complaint can be filed with the Institute for Sports Justice (ISR) if resolving a report is unsuccessful or in case of violation of rules of conduct or disciplinary rules.

In case of sexual abuse, violence or discrimination, you can always report to the police or file a report.
What can you expect from Le Champion?

  • Within Le Champion, we have a policy on socially safe sports and working environments and we act accordingly.
  • We have appointed a confidential contact person. 
  • We act in the event of any inappropriate behaviour.
  • If necessary, we take appropriate measures such as expulsion or suspension.
  • We report suspected sexual harassment to the association or the Centrum Veilige Sport. 
What do we expect from you?

  • You contribute to a positive and pleasant sports climate.
  • Inappropriate behaviour is not OK with us and we will act accordingly.
  • If you see something happening or suspect inappropriate behaviour, please report it the confidential contact persons.
  • We speak to each other if necessary.
Do you have your own tips to improve the sports climate? Then let one of the confidential contact persons know.